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Children´s Rights

Posted by on 24 noviembre, 2011

On the 23rd of November, the children of fourth grade at SEK-Alboran did a Project about children´s rights.  First, after a class discussion, we wrote our ideas for children´s rights on the whiteboard. We mentioned the right to life, food, general hygiene, a family, education, etc…. Then they choose the nine most important and did a diamond ranking to show which ones they considered the most important. It was interesting to listen to the children argue their cases with their classmates when they were deciding the order.  One of the most interesting conclusions that they came to was that money was useless if you were ill or didn´t have food or water.

Later, we went to the playground to share our activity with other students from primary years. We built up a world map previously arranged by MYP students. We could sit down on different countries. We all shared our wishes for all the children in the world. Our principal, Don Luis Carlos gave us a speech highlighting some children’s rights. Everybody waved with their little world maps. It was great fun!

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